Plastic Free Business

Objective 2 to gain Plastic Free Community status is to get business’s on board with the goal to remove Single Use Plastics. To meet this objective for a population of 10,000-20,000 people we need at least 6 business’s to commit to removing 3 plastic items from use. In order to meet this we need your help! Please fill in the survey below to let us know how we can help you 🙂

Sustainable Business Survey

Sustainable Business Survey

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Sharenergy Newsletter – January 2019

Hello Everyone 2018 closed with a successful bond offer for a wind turbine for Small Wind Co-op and 2019 opens with news of another bond offer about to launch at the start of February for a turbine on an adjacent site in County Durham for SWC.  This is a Vestas machine at High Knitsley, very near to the Hownsgill site, which is in the process of being purchased. 

The High Knitsley turbine, with Hownsgill visible beyond

 More information can be found at our 50 free bonds offer to pre-registrants offer was so popular, we will be repeating it this time – although this time with only 200,000 bonds on offer there will be no further free bonds once the first 100 applicants are in, so please do pre-register here:

As of today, supporters have pre-registered for about 25% of the target amount. Please feel free to share the link to anyone you know who may be interested in supporting community energy.Brighton Energy Coop ( is an eight-year old co-operative with more than 500 members, 28 solar systems and has raised £1.9m do date.  Last week they launched the latest of their community-funded solar projects: solar at Woodingdean, Coldean and Carden Primary Schools, plus two further solar projects with long-time BEC collaborators: the University of Brighton and Shoreham Port.  BEC is looking to raise £500,000 for these latest projects (480kWP); members receive a 5% interest on their investment, and profits go towards supporting BEC’s community fund. Previously this fund has supported solar on a local earthship, fuel poverty surveys in Brighton, and the launch of a community energy group’s share offer in Hastings.   See here for details of BEC’s latest projects join BEC here – Nadder Community Energy successfully beat their £136,000 target to put new solar onto schools locally, which was a great start to 2019 and installation is underway. Grannell Community Energy also closed their offer just before Christmas and are in the process of negotiating a loan for the balance of their finance costs, which will enable their turbine installation to proceed.  Applicants will hear about this in more detail shortly. Thanks for your continuing support. The team at Sharenergy

Ideas for a Greener Christmas

Looking for some ideas on how to reduce your impact this Christmas?  See our list of hints and tips from our team.

For wrapping and gifts

  • Gift bags may contain non-paper content so it is best to use them again and again.  If you use gift bags, attach a tag that says “please reuse me”.  Gift bags can also be donated to local charity shops for resale.
  • Use cloth gift bags.  New tea towels are useful items for wrapping and have the added bonus of making the wrapping a gift as well.
  • Use recycled brown paper (or newspaper) to wrap your gifts.  Use potato stamps (and natural inks) to decorate your paper.
  • Cut old Christmas cards into new gift tags

For decorating

  • Go through all your Christmas decorations.  Do you have some you never use, storing year after year?  If so, why not give them to someone else who could use and enjoy them.
  •  Reuse old magazines to make a small Christmas tree.  You don’t need to spray it withpaint or glitter… 

For gift giving

  • Give the gift of time, help arrange experience.  Write up simple “Gift certificate for…(mowing the lawn, baking a cake, babysitting, walking a dog,making a meal, a trip to the cinema) to be redeemed during the year.  Make sure the recipient arranges a date to redeem your gift certificate!
  • Think about where the presents you buy have come from.  Could you buy local? 

For unwanted gifts

  • Hold a gift swap with friends and family.  Gather together new items you have been given or purchased and no longer want.  At a recent gift swap one of our team gave away candles, Christmas-themed jewellery, a cool bag and a silicone baking spatula; and received bath bombs, hand-cream, earrings and a mug.

Welcome to our new site

Interested in how to reduce your impact on the town we live in?  Or ways to reduce your impact on the planet?  So are we – a group of local residents have come together with Newport 21 and are working on how we can help spread awareness about the great things our town already does as well as ideas to improve our joint impacts.  Small changes make a big difference when multiplied across communities – lets work together to keep Newport green!