About us

Sustainable Newport Shropshire is a group of residents from Newport and the surrounding villages concerned about plastics, pollution, climate change, fossil fuel dependency and how to live more sustainably.  Our aim is to increase awareness of the impact we have on our world and help businesses and residents find ways to reduce their impact.  If we all find just one thing to change it will start to create a ripple effect.  

From “Newport 21” to “Sustainable Newport”

We were previously known as – Newport 21 – Why? Because the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992 wanted people to begin leading more sustainable lives that value the natural world and all its resources for future generations, and they set up an Agenda for the 21st century, with lots of towns and villages having ‘21’ groups.  Now that we’re in the 21st century it was time for a re-brand which is why in December 2018 we became “Sustainable Newport”.

Keeping up to date

We’re currently sharing updates on our work on both Facebook and Twitter and have a group on LinkedIn.  I’f you’d like to be kept up to date on our work you can also join our mailing list 

Meet the team



Communication Secretary & Plastics Lead


Publicity lead & Pass it on events

Cath Edwards

Sandra Crabb

Simone Whitfield

Alison Wilson and Kate Gill

Susanne Bearblock