SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

This SDG underpins much of our work as Sustainable Newport. This is supported through the waste heirarchy – helping people to understand the priorties from Reducing, Reusing and only when there’s no life left, seeking to recycle. We support the circular economy through Pass it on events, Safari Sales and other giving campaigns to extend the life of produced goods.

  • Everyday Plastic Audit – Lockdown Edition Challenge
    This week my family joined 100 UK households to collect and analyse our single use plastic waste.  We collected the (clean) plastic in a separate bin, hunted down rogue plastic in the “regular” bin, and kept a tally chart of “personal” plastics such as dental floss.  It became a game.  Was every scrap of plastic accounted for?  A few
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  • A sustainable Christmas
    Tips to try for reducing your environmental impact this Christmas For wrapping and gifts Gift bags may contain non-paper content so it is best to use them again and again.  If you use gift bags, attach a tag that says “please reuse me”.  Gift bags can also be donated to local charity shops for resale
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  • National Refill Day competition
    June 19th is National Refill Day and to commemorate the occasion and celebrate how many Refill points we now have we ran a competition. Water bottles were donated by Number 45 and Be Bold Media and people could enter by posting a screenshot of the number of Refill points in the App. In order to
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  • Newport Coffee Cup
    Following on from the inspiration Zero Waste Events gave us at the Field to Fork Festival in May, and the success of the Shrewsbury Cup the Sustainable Newport team decided to bring this scheme to our town. We put the order in with Cup Solutions with a planned delivery date in time for our stand
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  • Field to Fork
    On Saturday, May 4th Sustainable Newport were invited to stand at the Harper Adams Field to Fork Festival. This was our first public standing since our re-branding and Shropshire Festivals had put us in touch with Alison Thomas from Zero Waste Events. We had fantastic engagement from the community by acting as a cup return
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