SDG17: Partnership for the Goals

At Sustainable Newport we’re passionate about seeking and sharing the work of other organisations who support the Worlds to do list. Our planet needs us, and it’s only through partnerships and working together that we’ll be able to make progress towards the goals.

If you have a local group who would like us to support your work, or if you’d like to invite us to come and talk to your group about our work please use the contact us link. A selection of talks which we’ve given over the last few years are:

  • Supporting Newport (Single Use) Plastic Free Community Scheme
  • Savings ideas: for the planet and your pocket
  • The Waste Hierarchy: Why Reduce and Reuse before Recycle

If you’re interested in volunteering to support our activities please contact us. We appreciate everyones involvement and support, so whether you’d like to help with our social media and web presence, man our stand at a local event, or want to come along to meetings to hear and share ideas please get in touch.

  • Climate Fresk training
    We had our first trial of Climate Fresk training in February at the Newport library, facilited by our vice chair Susanne Bearblock. The training was a success with participants being happy with the outcome and what they learnt. We’ll now be seeking additional funding to run additional sessions for interested members of the community. Below
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  • Newport Coffee Cup
    Following on from the inspiration Zero Waste Events gave us at the Field to Fork Festival in May, and the success of the Shrewsbury Cup the Sustainable Newport team decided to bring this scheme to our town. We put the order in with Cup Solutions with a planned delivery date in time for our stand
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  • Field to Fork
    On Saturday, May 4th Sustainable Newport were invited to stand at the Harper Adams Field to Fork Festival. This was our first public standing since our re-branding and Shropshire Festivals had put us in touch with Alison Thomas from Zero Waste Events. We had fantastic engagement from the community by acting as a cup return
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  • Newport Refill Scheme launch
    On March 28th Sustainable Newport kicked off the regions #RefillRevolution. The UK’s Refill scheme is run by charity City to Sea a non-profit organisation running campaigns to prevent marine plastic pollution at source. Launch day saw more than 15 locations added to the app which was a great result. How it works The Refill idea
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  • Plastic Free Business
    Objective 2 to gain Plastic Free Community status is to get business’s on board with the goal to remove Single Use Plastics. To meet this objective for a population of 10,000-20,000 people we need at least 6 business’s to commit to removing 3 plastic items from use. In order to meet this we need your
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