Newport Refill Scheme launch

On March 28th Sustainable Newport kicked off the regions #RefillRevolution.

The UK’s Refill scheme is run by charity City to Sea a
non-profit organisation running campaigns to prevent marine plastic pollution at source. Launch day saw more than 15 locations added to the app which was a great result.

How it works

The Refill idea is simple – download the app and you can see places who have signed up as a Refill point where you can fill your reusable water bottle for free. It’s quick, easy and gives people the confidence to ask for their water bottle to be refilled. The app also lets you keep track of your impact – as you log your refill’s the app will track how many water bottles you’ve saved, as well as how much carbon you’ve saved.

The app is also the quickest way to add new Refill points – taking a quick picture of the venue and adding the relevant information gets them into the system.

Getting involved

If you’re a local business who wants to get involved it’s easy to add yourself to the app – alternatively you can email us at and our local lead Simone Whitfield can get you added and provide you with the window sticker.

Anyone seeking to launch the Refill Scheme within their community can sign up on the Refill Website here. Simone is also happy to be contacted via our Sustainable Newport page for assistance.

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