Field to Fork

On Saturday, May 4th Sustainable Newport were invited to stand at the Harper Adams Field to Fork Festival. This was our first public standing since our re-branding and Shropshire Festivals had put us in touch with Alison Thomas from Zero Waste Events. We had fantastic engagement from the community by acting as a cup return point for Zero Wastes coffee cups. The cup scheme was simple – customers could choose a reusable coffee cup at participating vendors for a £1 deposit, which they got back when they returned the cup to our Sustainable Newport Stand. This was a great way to get people to our stand and we’d recommend any environmental groups to take the opportunity to do the same.

Acting as a cup return point increased community awareness of what we’re trying to do as Sustainable Newport and gave us new contacts to help spread our reach. This festival was also where one of our members kicked off support for our zero waste store survey – on whether our area could benefit from such a venture. The outcome of this was overwhelming support and we look forward to some type of Zero Waste store opening in our area soon.

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