Chairs report AGM – 2022

The last 12 months have slowly seen a gradual reintroduction to our new normal, with some
face-to-face activities starting to resume which has helped to offset the ongoing “online fatigue”
and increase in ability to create new collaborations. The increase in the cost of living and the
real impacts we have seen over the last week has highlighted just how impactful climate change
and our reliance on fossil fuels is and needs to be an area of continued focus for all.

Our work aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

As a group, we have continued to support our 3 priority United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals (SDG’s) as part of the decade of action, and help to spread awareness of
this important framework and any related activities. The #DecadeOfAction runs up to 2030.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production:  Ensure sustainable consumption
and production patterns – awareness and support of groups and activities which align

  • Cup Scheme
     Following feedback from customers we’ve invested in 300 Silicon
    lids to go with our cups
    o 44 in the community, 256 in stock
     Cups have been offered by several local businesses with The Hub
    doing their first trial
     Offered for use at the Food Frenzy and Carnival
    o 492 Cups out in the community and 480 in stock
  • Pint Scheme
     Expanded for the Food Frenzy to offer “half pints” as well
    o 518 Pints out in the community and 382 in stock
    o 300 half pints in stock
  • Promotion and support of the Refill Scheme and World Refill Day
     35 Water Refill points available in and around Newport
     5 Reusable Cup locations
     1 Plastic Free shopping location
  • Virtual event for “Second Hand September” the new 3R’s “Repair, Reuse,
  • Promotion of inaugural “Newport Safari Sale”

SDG 13: Climate action:  Take urgent action to combat climate change and it’s impacts (includes Plastics due to fossil fuel)

  • Partnerships and communication
    o As above, promotion of the Refill Scheme and World Refill Day
    o Promotion of the EveryDay Plastic and Greenpeace Big Plastic Count
     Which highlighted the challenge with recycling with only 12% of recorded
    items being recyclable in the UK #ReduceSingleUse #Choose2Refuse
  • Promotion of “Plastic Free July”

SDG 15: Life on Land:  Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and
reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss – promoting events which support these areas

Promotion and support “No Mow May”


 Susanne was invited to speak on the circular economy at an All about Newport
“Business Doing Business event” which Sustainable Newport supported
 Simone had been co-opted as a representative of Sustainable Newport into the Newport
Town Council “Leisure and Environment Committee”. This is giving greater visibility of
the work we do for the community, and the Council has now allocated a budget line item
to support sustainable activities
 The link with the Leisure and Environment committee has also increased engagement
with the new Newport events CIC which is supporting all local events including the
Carnival and Food Frenzy who we look forward to partnering with for all Newport events
 Simone has been representing Sustainable Newport in the Telford Plastic Free
communities taskforce which Susanne has also been very influential within representing
Hollinswood primary
 Sustainable Newport has been represented at the Climate Change partnership by Cath
Edwards, and Susanne has also been making an impact by representing Hollinswood
 Jane and Sandra have got a collaboration with Roots Stafford, Collecting “Hard to
Recycle” waste from the Newport Library and taking it to Stafford as a bulk delivery


Sustainable Newport is run solely by volunteers as a not-for-profit for the good of the
community. Funding has been increasingly difficult as our initial seed money from GSX
dwindled, but over this last year, our Treasurer Sandra has been successful in securing us 2
grants! One from Councillor Eric Carter for £200 which was put towards the purchase of our
half pints, and a second from Arnold Clark to help with insurance and promotional activities. We
appreciate any and all support and greatly appreciate Sandra’s work.


I want to give a big thank you to all the committee and supporters for continuing to support our
work and share the work we’re doing. Here’s hoping that the next year will highlight more
opportunities to improve the sustainability of our town.

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